Artistic Statement
The experimental photographic techniques I’ve invented, capturing light reflecting and refracting with handmade lenses is an exploration of light, color and space not often noticed. I capture abstractions of energy emitted on and in the spaces between objects.

Attempting to push the boundaries of restrictive thinking rather than reinforce it, the work examines how we share, create, inhabit, perceive and define space, objects, language and landscapes. How do space and the borders we believe in separate and connect us at the same time? Can we inhabit space without definition of objects or literal boundaries? Does empty space expand as our perception of it does, or is it always constant?

Light and space contain intelligence beyond the self. The photographs are the recognition of absolute connectivity, continual change, empty space in everything, and our ability to exist in a state of heightened awareness and creative openness.
Exploring luminous spaces and emanations, which are not often seen or prioritized with the naked eye, allows me to examine my sense of perception, distilling what I perceive as reality to a state of being. It provides a new space for my mind to process the luminosity without and within.
Work Statement
The works presented here are single-shot digital photographs made with handcrafted camera lenses, reflective surfaces, found glass and glass objects, using unconventional camera settings.
I began experimenting with handcrafted lenses when I lived in a cabin with old wavy glass windows. Inspired by the distortion the glass created and the layers of reflections from one window to another, I incorporated the effect into my work using the windows as a tool. Wanting to expand and shoot in other locations, I began using a variety of objects to capture light, attaching them or holding them in front of my camera.
The examination of light is a creative/scientific pursuit, space travel through a lens. The qualities of the glass break down the form of images and impact the way light is captured, recording light energy and the world in formless shapes and colors. 
I develop in Photoshop, using techniques learned in traditional darkrooms - contrast, texture, composition and cropping.
Prints have been made up to 30ft wide, on metallic, rag, glossy, matte fabrics, silk, films, transparencies, plexi-glass, aluminum, windows, glass walls, in free-standing frames, lightboxes, architectural lightwalls, projected on walls, animated into video, sometimes with sound and music, and in sculpture forms.