Cate Woodruff lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Sardinia, Italy with her husband, composer/percussionist/sound designer David Van Tieghem. 

In single-shot digital photographs, using layers of reflective surfaces and homemade lenses Cate Woodruff connects, bends and distorts the boundaries of matter beyond the existence of form, photographing light, color and shapes before objects take on a “common sense” reality and create a conceptual barrier. Cate pushes her camera over the optic edge revealing space, energy and light that are not often noticed or seen with the naked eye.

Her light photographs and paintings in the form of photographic prints have been made, projected and animated in sizes small to very large. They have been presented in a number of ways - on metallic and traditional archival paper, mounted on gallery plexi, and on slabs of brushed aluminum, with sheer vision shown in windows, backlit on the wall, free-standing, as sculptures, sound sculptures, in lightboxes and lightwalls, on a chip onboard a spaceship, in galleries, homes, businesses, public spaces, and projected for theatre and music productions. She has animated her work into videos which have been projected and viewed on monitors and walls, and in a renovated silo with sound and music.

In the early 1980’s while Cate was a print model for Henri Bendel, she became photography assistant to fashion photographer Gosta Peterson in NYC. She went on in the 80’s and 90’s to create award-winning multimedia pieces in avant-garde theatre as a photographer, videographer, writer, director, actor, and theatre administrator, collaborating with numerous theatres and on independent projects. She is a member of Actors Equity Association, AFTRA, and Screen Actors Guild and has been a guest teacher directing theater in public and private schools, conducted workshops in high schools and universities. Cate was a co-founder of A.R.T Mondays at the American Repertory Theatre and a longtime company member of the experimental international touring company Theatre X. She has worked with theatres and artists internationally and across the US and in American and Japanese television and in radio. She was a photojournalist, journalist and senior editor with and Reader Supported News. She designed furniture and made art and video installations as owner of Woodstock Furniture Gallery and was a year round Artist in Residence at Byrdcliffe Arts Colony in Woodstock, New York from March 2008 to July 2012 creating over 3000 works in photography, drawing, painting, writing, video, art installation and video installation.

Cate Woodruff is the niece of Herbert Tschudy, painter and curator of painting and sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum from 1925 to 1946 who curated the first contemporary art exhibition in an American museum. Cate's photographic work with light is inspired by her study of the nature of mind with the Venerable Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche in Woodstock, NY, by conversations with her father during his training to be an astronaut in NASA’s Apollo Space Program and by exchanges about the nature of light with Italian astrophysicist Sperello di Serego Alighieri.

Cate received a BA in Theatre from Webster University in St. Louis, training at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts through New York University and was a founding student in Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University.