Cate Woodruff is a photographer, video artist, installation artist, painter, curator, director, writer, and actor. She is a member of Actors Equity Association, AFTRA, and Screen Actors Guild. She lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Her studio is in 56 BogArt in Bushwick. 

Cate's photographic art work, multi-media theatre pieces, and installations have been reviewed and written about in publications across the US and in Europe, including The New York Times, Time Out New York, New York Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Art Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Washington Times, Art in America, American Theatre Magazine, Theatre Magazine, Art and Antiques, Art News from Italy, Paros Life - Greece, Art Report - Berlin, Digital in Berlin,  The Village Voice and NY Arts Magazine. She has been a guest teacher  directing theater in public and private schools in grades 2 through 8 and has conducted workshops in high schools and universities. Companies under her direction have received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and from other state and local granting organizations. She has also worked in American and Japanese television and in radio, and as a photojournalist, journalist and editor with and Reader Supported News. Cate was a year round Artist in Residence at Byrdcliffe Arts Colony in Woodstock, New York from March 2008 to July 2012. During her residency she created over 3000 works in photography, drawing, painting, writing, video, art installation and video installation. Her photographs have recently been added to the permanent collection of the International Center of Photography.

In Development:

Bare In Mind - a multi-media theatre piece
     with Cate Woodruff, David Van Tieghem, Gary Hill, Dawn Saito, Mimi Goese,
     Zoë Van Tieghem
Collaboration with David Van Tieghem - TBA
Emily Harvey Foundation
- Venice, Italy
     October 9 - November 10, 2014


Bushwick Open Studios - 56 Bogart St., Bushwick, Brooklyn
     56 Bogart Artists Group Show
     Paintings, Installations, Photographs
     May 30 - June 1 2014

Arte Laguna Prize 2014 Online - Venice, Italy
Online exhibit
     Summer 2014

The Red Dot - Hudson, NY   
     Are we here yet !

  Solo Show - Digital Photography Art
Opening Reception January 25 - 6 to 8
     January 25 - March 9
, 2014 - extended March 30th
     Curated by Richard Timperio - Sideshow Gallery - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Resobox Gallery - Long Island City, NY
Digital Photography Art
Opening Reception: Jan.10 - 7 to 9 pm
     January 10 - January 30 2014
     Curators - Sanpo Matsumoto, Takashi Ikezawa, Ayakoh Furukawa

Sideshow Gallery - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
     At the Alamo
     Curated by Richard Timperio
Opening - January 4, 2014  - 6 to 9 pm - to March 3

Laumont Gallery
     January/February 2014
Owner/Curator - Philippe Laumont

20 Gallery Chelsea - NYC
     July 2013
     Curated by Jenn Dierdorf

Arte Laguna Prize 2013 Online - Venice, Italy
     Online exhibit
     Summer 2013

Art Scene Today
     The World Through My Eyes
Online Exhibit with Catalogue
     April 22 - July 22, 2013
Curated by Juanita Lanzo, artist and director/curator of The Bronx Council of the  
     Arts Longwood Art Gallery

PopRally MoMA: Abstract Currents
     Video (excerpt)
     An Interactive Video Event
     Apr 7 2013

Soho20 Gallery Chelsea - NYC
     40th Anniversary Benefit
     Benefit Reception - April 20th - 7 to 10 pm
     Curated by Jenn Dierdorf

Sideshow Gallery - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
     Sideshow Nation
     Installation and Photograph
     Curated by Richard Timperio
Opening - January 5, 2013  - 6 to 9 pm
     Runs through March 3, 2013 Extended to March 25th

Balaclava Gallery
Archived online -
Solo Show - Digital Photographs
January 19 - January 25, 2013


International Center of Photography - NYC/Governor's Island 
     Photographs and Video - Selected for ICP Permanent Collection
Opens August 17 - September 30 2012
Curated by Rachel Seed

BRIK Gallery, Catskill, NY
     Cowgirls of the Hudson River Valley #4

     Opens August 18 - September 16 2012
     Curated by Richard Timperio - Sideshow Gallery - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Soho20 Gallery Chelsea - NYC
On Women's Basic Rights & Freedoms
     July 17 - August 11 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday July 19th, 6-8pm

Galerie Huit - Arles, France
     International Photography Festival Les Rencontres d’Arles 2012
     An Eye for an Ear
     July 2 - July 8 2012
Opening Projection Installation
     curated by Vanja Karas

Sarah Barker Studio - 462 Main Street, Catskill NY
    Wall Street to Main Street
March 17 - May 31 2012
    Photography -
NYPD BLUE, PINK FLIP and Occupy Wall Street slideshow
Organized by Artists, Writers and Curators from the Hudson Valley and        
    Occupy With Art, an Affiliation Group with the Occupy Wall Street General 
    Assembly, Arts and Culture Working Group

Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery - SUNY Ulster - Stone Ridge NY
     March 9 - April 13 2012
     Video Installation - Aegean Sea
     curated by Portia Munson

Sideshow Gallery - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
     Wall Installation - Lucid Lucy's Occupillow
     curated by Richard Timperio
Opening - January 7, 2012  - 6 to 9 pm
     Runs through February 26, 2012 - Extended through Sun. March 18 2012

Kleinert/James Arts Center -
Woodstock, NY
     Eleventh Annual 5 By 7 Show
     December 2, 2011 – January 1, 2012

Editor/Journalist/Photographer - Reader Supported News


Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery
, Woodstock NY
Living Here - Gary Hill, David Van Tieghem, Henrietta Mantooth and 23 more
Catalog -
October 15 - December 4
curated by Cate Woodruff

Woodstock Playhouse
, Woodstock NY - Garden Goddesses
     July 9 through August 13 2011
     curated by Cate Woodruff

Apothiki Art Center
- Paros Island, Greece
     Into the Light of Paros: the Interplay of Light and Sound
     Three week residency and solo show - Photography and Projections
composed by David Van Tieghem
     Artist Talk /Opening Show -
June 17
     Closing Show - July 1 2011
curated by Dirk Drijbooms

Kleinert/James Arts Center
, Woodstock, NY - Gun Show
     May 6 - May 29, 2011, with the Opening Reception on Saturday, May 7, 4 - 6pm

Kleinert/James Arts Center
, Woodstock, NY - "All For One"
     April 8 - May 1 2011

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra
Monastery, Woodstock NY - Earth Day 2011
     April 23 2011

Blissland Sound and Vision
- Berlin, Germany
     Pre-Post Actions in YouPorn's categories of Sex.
     February 25 - March 20
curated by Gemma Ghelardi, Antonio Gallucci

C.A.O.S CulturalArtistsOpenSpace -
Rome, Italy
January/February 2011

Sideshow Gallery
- Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
     It's All Good!!! (Apocalypse Now)
     curated by Richard Timperio
January/February 2011


Biennial of the Americas -
Denver, CO
     Lissom and The Jutro Experiment
     Projected photographs - 10 ft x 20 ft full stage screen
     Dedicated to immersive audiovisual performance, MUTEK’s A/Visions series presents
     artists and projects that explore the interplay between sound and image.
A collaboration with: Brandon Wolcott, David Van Tieghem, Lissom (Tana  
Morgan Packard

Kleinert/James Arts Center -
Woodstock, NY
     Eleventh Annual 5 By 7 Show

BRIK Gallery
, Catskill, NY
     Cowgirls of the Hudson River Valley

     curated by Richard Timperio - Sideshow Gallery - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Kleinert/James Arts Center
, Woodstock, NY
     2010 Members Show
     Photographs with audio

Thrown for a Loop
- David Van Tieghem 
     CD cover and booklet photographs and design


Arts Walk in Catskill
, NY - Garden Goddesses - CCC Gallery,
     curated by Portia  Munson

Arts Walk in Hudson
, NY - Garden Goddesses - Historical Materialisim,
     curated by Dina Palin and Portia Munson

BRIK Gallery
, Catskill, NY - Catskill WGXC Sound-Voice Benefit,
     curated by Sam Truitt, with Fawn Potash, and Paul Smart

Kleinert/James Art Center
, Woodstock, NY - 2009 Members Show


- Truthout

Woodstock Furniture Gallery - Owner/Artist/Designer 
     Art, and furniture designs - sold worldwide online and in stores in the US


Woodstock Furniture Gallery
- Owner/Artist/Designer 
     Art, and furniture designs - sold worldwide online and in stores in the US

Coffey Gallery, Kingston NY - "Outdoors"
     curated by Katharine McKenna

Warwick Arts Center
in Warwick, NY - In Shadows
     Audiovisual installation
     curated by Daniel Mack

Kaaterskill Fine Arts, Hunter NY -
Holiday Show


Gallery Circo all’Antico
, West Hurley, NY
     Innocence - Video/Photography Installation with sculptor John Kahn,
     composer David Van Tieghem and electronic hardware inventor Dave Jones 
     Art in Woodcurated by Cate Woodruff
Games - curated by Cate Woodruff


Daughter is born. Travel Europe and US with family.


Mabou Mines, NYC


    “Manhattan Kaidan” - Director/Cinematographer/Photographer/Writer

     with associate members of the Wooster Group - PS 122, NYC and Ubud,

     Bali, Indonesia


    "An Epidog, Workshop" - Puppeteer 

     Directed by Lee Breuer


New York Theatre Workshop/Mabou Mines, NYC


    "A Drop in the Ocean" - Writer/Actor/Dancer

     Directed by Ruth Malecheck



Japanese TV series  - Japan

     "Studying for The Toefl Test" - Spokeswoman


New York Theatre Workshop, NYC

      "Paris Commune" - Evelyne



Theatre for the New City, NYC

     "How Far to Jaisalmeer" - Elizabeth


Richard Foreman’s Ontological Hysteric Theatre, NYC

     "Love Trouble" - Martha  

      Directed by Jeff Jones


The Vineyard Theatre, NYC 

     "The Confirmation" - Mother

     Directed by Mollie O'Mara



McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ


    "The Greensboro Massacre"  - Emily Mann

     Directed by Emily Mann


    "A Christmas Carol" - Mrs. Cratchit

     Directed by Loretta Greco



Lyceum Theatre, Arrow Rock, MO


    "Rainmaker" - Lizzy

     Directed by Cliff Baker, Arkansas Repertory Theatre


    "A Streetcar Named Desire" – Blanche

     Directed by Michael Bollinger


    "A Flea in Her Ear" – Yvonne

     Directed by - Wayne Salomon


    "Lion in Winter" - Eleanor

     Directed by Steve Wolf, St. Louis Repertory Theater



PBS Special  

     "Hull House: The House that Jane Built" - Ellen Gates Starr

     Emmy Award winning docudrama with Ellen Burstyn


American Inside Theatre - Milwaukee, WI


    "Coastal Disturbances" – Holly

      Directed by Mark Simpson


    "A Streetcar Named Desire" – Stella

     Directed by Tom Blair



American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA 

     "The End of the World (with Symposium to Follow)" - Arlen

     Directed by Richard Foreman


A.R.T. Mondays at The American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA

     Founding Member/Actor/Writer


    "Tobogganists" – Phia

     Directed by Wesley Savick


    "King Ubu" - Two Headed Queen Rosamond – Cate Woodruff/Amy Brenneman

     Co-adaptation - Cate Woodruff,  R.J Cutler and Wesley Savick                   


    "Skinhead Hamlet" - Queen Gertrude - Best of Boston Award

     Directed by Wesley Savick



Circle Repertory Theatre, NYC 


    "The Lady Aoi" - Assistant Director

     Directed by Wesley Savick


Alley Theatre, Houston, TX

Assistant Marketing Director


1990 through 1985


Theater X - Milwaukee, WI

Company Actor/ Writer/Director of Development


    "Fall of the Amazons" - Amazon Warrior

     Directed by John Schneider


    "Margery Kemp (The Desire of the Moth for the Star)" - Lynne

     Collaboration with painter Robert Kushner

     Hawaiian Islands tour. 


    "Interest in Strangers" - Camera Woman

     Directed by John Schneider


    "Instinct" – Lada Dada

     Directed by John Schneider


    "Ubu Roi" - Queen Rosamond

     Directed by Wesley Savick


    "Ionesco’s Rhinoceros" - Daisy

     Directed by Wesley Savick


    "Sincerity Forever" – Judy

     Directed by John Schneider


    "Pilgrims of the Night" – Zoe, Darleen and Olga

     Directed by John Schnieder


    "A Long Christmas Dinner" – Lucia and Lucia II

     Directed by Wesley Savick


     "George F. Kennan: The Strength and Indifference of the Snow"

      Co- writer and role of George F. Kennan

      extended run in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Institution

      Directed by Wesley Savick


     "Liberace: The Magic of Believing" - Co-Librettist and Singer/Actor - Scott

     collaboration with painter Ed Pashke

      Directed by Wesley Savick



Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee WI


    "A Woman Without Means" - Larisa

    Directed by Nick Faust

     awarded the Showtime Search for Excellence in the American Theatre


    "Twilight Crane" – Tsu

     Directed by Wesley Savick


    "Wrens" – Chelsea


    "The Trojan Women" - Helen of Troy

     Directed by Nick Faust


Independent Productions, Milwaukee WI - US premiere by Franz Xavier Kroetz

    "Michi’s Blood" – Mary

    Directed by Wesley Savick



Theatre of the Observed, St. Louis, MO 

Artistic Director

     “Cages” - Photographer/Filmmaker/Writer/Director/Actor

      "Wax Theatrix" - Photographer



78th St. Playhouse, NYC

     "The Quiet Surprises" – Wren

      Directed by Lynn Green


Music for Homemade Instruments - Musician

     Director Skip LaPlante



Gosta Peterson Photography, NYC

      Henri Bendel, NYC - Print Model      

      Assistant photographer to Gosta Peterson


Theatre for the New City, NYC

      "A Day at Harmenz" - Musician

     music composed by Skip LaPlante

Bristol Theatre - St. Louis MO

      "Murder" - Writer/Director


Cate received a BA in Theatre from Webster University in St. Louis and is a graduate of The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts through New York University and was a founding student in Robert Brustein’s  Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard.


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